Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Xbox 360

I must start off by saying that I have been a huge fan of the playstation 2 from the beginning and really never considered a xbox, at all. I did purchase a xbox to use strictly as a media center to stream my video from my computer to the tv. I have never played a game on the xbox. With all the new console launches that just occured I really always thought that I would get a Playstation 3, then I saw Gears of War. With the lack of PS3 machines available I really was considering an xbox 360. The wonderful thing was that I ended up recieving an xbox 360 as an early Christmas present. Of course I went out and got Gears of War and I also bought Rainbow Six: Vegas and Tony Hawks Project 8.

I am so impressed with what Microsoft has done with the xbox 360, they have really done an incredible job with this console. Having been a PS2 fan and played some online (for free), I was a little weary of having to pay $50/year to just play online. Once it was broken down to only being $4 a month I really don't mind paying that for what you get. I love the ability to play demos before making a purchase and making a friends list that stays the same no matter what games you or they have. PS2 your friends are all based on the games. I really like the online acheivements that are made with xbox live it adds extra game play to all the games online and offline. Having an hd tv really allows me to take advantage of the beautiful graphics that the 360 has to offer. I can't get over the detail that can be seen in these games.

Obviously being a next gen console it blows the ps2 away, but the way that xbox live is integrated into the game play. It blows anything that I have seen from playstation away. I haven't gotten to see the way that the PS3 is going to handle online game play, but I think they have a lot to learn from the xbox live. I really can't remember the last time that I enjoyed gaming online soo much. I really am excited as to what the future holds for the xbox 360 and am an extremely proud owner. I will probably get a PS3 eventually, but I am having too much fun the the 360 to even care about owning a PS3. Anyone who is even considering a next gen console I can't recommend a 360 enough ecspecially when you can't even get your hands on a PS3, not to mention I have never been a big fan of buying a brand new product. I would much rather wait and buy in about a year once all of the kinks have been worked out. The xbox 360 has completely changed my opinion of the xbox and what microsoft is doing with the gaming market.