Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Nintendo DS LIte

Well I went out and purchased the nintendo ds lite right when it was released a little less than 2 weeks ago. After having played with it for nearly 2 weeks I must say that I am really impressed with it. I didn't like the previous ds due to the looks. I will say that the lite is extremely nice to look at, looks like my ibook g4. I love the slimness of it and the ability to actually just put it in your pocket and go.

I can't get over the screen brightness it really makes the games look awesome. I am really excited about the possiblities with the opera browser coming this year and being about to watch tv on it eventually will be really neat. I just feel like the dual screens really add a lot of possibilities to make the ds the ultimate pocket gaming machine.

One other thing that I think is incredible is the online game play it is really amazing and fluid without any problems at all. It is really cool to think that you can play with anyone in the world as if they are right there in the same room.

The price is what really made me want one compared to the psp, plus the dual screens just add that extra element that makes the possiblities beat the psp. I don't need an mp3 or video player that is what my video ipod is for. The game selection is really good for the ds and you can beat playing some of the great titles made for Nintendo like the New Super Mario, Castlvania, Metroid Prime Hunters and the Brain games.

I would highly recommend anyone wanting a pocket gaming device to go out and buy a ds lite, it is gorgeous, awesome to play and a good price. With the future possiblities for this little device it will be something that will last the test of time.