Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Alright, March Madness!! Go Kansas Jayhawks!

I really get excited about this time of the year, college basketball at it's finest. The excitement of each team going for it all is just awesome to watch. You have got to love the win or go home format. The players know that if they do not put it all out on the basketball court their season will be over.

As some of you know I am a big NBA fan also, but there is just something that is more exciting about watching the tournament over NBA playoffs and Finals. I still love watching them and I do like the NBA format of playing series, but it doesn't get that exciting till a team is faced with elimination. (I understand that the NBA wants to extend the season, and that is why they have series playoff rather than single elimination games.)

Kristee and I always fill out the brackets and get a chance to compete against one another which is a lot of fun. She has always beat me in the past, but it is still fun to do. I also participate in the ESPN and Facebook brackets, it is a blast to see how well you are at picking winners. The crazy thing about all of this is that growing up playing high school basketball I was never into March Madness at all. Didn't watch a single game, didn't care when all my friends were all into picking their selections. I was too big of a fan of the NBA and didn't like college basketball. Once I met my wife she introduced me to the exciting world of college basketball. She graduated from KU and is a very big fan and of me being the wonderful husband became a big KU fan. I love watching the Jayhawks play.

I really feel good about the Jayhawks chance this year. Although I know anything can happen in the big tournament and they haven't had the best luck the past 2 years, I am really excited for them and think this could be their year. (I know people say that all the time.) They are just clicking at the right time, they have an incredibly deep team. Along with the deep team comes great stamina. They have the ability to really where out other teams with that fast paced, up and down the court play. They also have many different players that can take over the game and be the "star". They are very well rounded and have a lot of players that contribute to the overall teams success. One issue they do have is free throws and that is one area than can be the difference in a game, hopefully they can over come that problem. If it wasn't for that I would have know doubt in my mind, having said that I really think they have a great shot at winning the NCAA championship title. With games starting tomorrow I just can't wait!!



I used to be a wildcat and my wife had something to do with me converting to a Jayhawk. See my attached profile. :)

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