Thursday, March 29, 2007

Our News Today

I am not one who likes to watch news on tv, but the other night I happened to watch the evening news. I couldn't get over how depressing it was to watch. There was nothing but shooting after shooting, robbery, and everything you could think of that is negative in our world. It reminded me of why I don't like to watch news on tv. I personally prefer to read my news off the internet via Newsvine, Google News and other news reporting websites. The beauty of this is that I get to choose what topics I want to read about, then with rss glance through the headlines to find the stories that matters the most to me. The other thing about reading news off the internet is you will get the most up to date news available. Plus getting the same news from several different sources allows for different perspectives. This is the way that I like to get my news, also another reason why I have never subscribed to the newspaper. Thinking about the way that I get my news and seeing why I don't like to watch the local news got me to ask the question. Could local news and newspapers be faded out over, or can they survive along side the internet?

I just wonder if this is a possibility once older generations pass on. I generally start my day by getting online and going through my rss feeds to read the latest news, much like older people I know that sit down with the newspaper in the morning. I know that a lot of people my age are getting most if not all of their news online. Not to say that local news isn't still needed, but could be delivered via the internet and we as consumers browse through and watch or read the news stories that only matter to us. Obviously with more and more newspapers being available online, and more homes having computers with internet access, I could see in the future there not being any newspapers and local tv news going to strictly an online format. I know it will be a long time coming, because there are a lot of people out there that do not look to the internet for news, but the amount of people that are is growing everyday.

How do you get your news?