Friday, April 20, 2007

Guitar Hero 2

Let me start off by saying I have been playing this game on the xbox 360 just about everyday since I got the game. I have played a lot of games, but have never played a game that is so addictive, I just can't get enough. I love playing it and am trying to get better with a lot of practice. I know some people might buy this game and just use it as a "party" game, but I really enjoy beating songs and trying to progress through the game. Another aspect that I really like about the xbox 360 is unlocking the achievements, it just adds that other element to the game.

I must admit that when I first saw the guitar and game at Best Buy on the ps2, I thought what a dorky, kid game. I didn't even give it a try at the store, it really didn't spark my interest. I have to say, "Boy was I wrong!!" I can not believe how much fun it is and just how hard it is to progress through the game. I love how they set up easy, medium, hard and expert. It really allows you to learn as you go along, but having said that there is a really big learning curve that I have just encountered going from medium to hard. Adding that one extra button is really throwing me off big time. I am so use to having my 4 fingers on the bottom 4 frets, so now my brain is trying to retrain it's self to move up the frets. I am getting better with practice, but I am still playing some medium songs to get the star rating higher, so that is keeping me from fully committing to practicing hard all the time. I know that if I give it time I will gradually get better.

One thing that I have really enjoyed about the game is that fact that I can get my wife to play the game. She is not fond of gaming at all and thinks it is a waste of time. She loves rock music and likes the whole guitar controller setup, which makes her really enjoy rocking out. I have always wanted to find that game that would spark her interest and she would want to play. I love playing Rainbow Six: Vegas and Gears of War, but those are games that she would never even think about playing, too much of a learning curve plus not any interest for her. I tried DDR with her, but she really couldn't get into it, but she really has a blast playing Guitar Hero.
I have heard some of her friends make comments about how dorky the games is, but again they probably haven't played it. I can't believe how much fun I am having playing this game, if you haven't played give it a shot trust me you will have a lot of fun. Rock On!!!!


I finally unlocked Sweet Child of Mine! It is awesome! I hadn't played it since sometime last week, so I picked it up again last night. I'm loving it, but still struggle through some of the medium songs. I am getting better though.

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