Monday, April 23, 2007

Road to the NBA Finals

With the NBA Finals just starting this past weekend, I have been watching just about every game that has been played so far. The interesting thing for me this year is that I really don't have an absolute favorite to win it all. Usually I have a team that I am really pulling for. I guess if I really had to pick 1 team to win it I would have to choose the Suns. They are a really exciting team to watch and I really like the players on the team. Another team that I would like to see do well are the Chicago Bulls, they are a young team and I think they have good potential. Personally out of the 2 I think that the Suns have the better chance to win it all.

As I watch each game I do, at least at this point, have a team the I am pulling for. The only exception is the Suns/ Lakers matchup. Although I am pulling a little more for the Suns, I wouldn't mind seeing the Lakers in the next round, but the reality of it is that I don't see them going much further than the 2nd round if they do happen to beat the Suns. (Which I think is highly unlikely.) So far for the most part there have been some pretty exciting close games and I have enjoyed watching this 1st round more than in the past. There are some really good matchups that are taking place already so you know it is only going to get better.

Back to the game!