Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Police Brutality on 13 yr-olds Including a Girl-For Skateboarding (w/ Vid)

OK, This one is just out of control, this group of kids were skateboarding down the street in Arkansas when this cop decided to get all power hungry on them. He chokes out the first kid, chases another, puts a girl and another guy in a headlock, and it's all caught on video. The info is in the post.

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That is unreal! I mean come on! The kids didn't even look like street punks. They just looked like normal kids with skateboards. That makes me mad to see that crap!

I'm wondering, did the youtube video get deleted? Because I can't find anything related to that on youtube? In my opinion that would be outrageous if youtube had deleted this video.

Yeah it would I actually posted the video to my tumble log, so you can view it there if you want. My guess is that it is still on Youtube since it is just embeded into my tumblr page.