Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Video Sharing


I have been looking over the past few days for a video sharing site for uploading videos that I make to be internet.  I wanted to find service that was very simple in design and easy to use.  I looked everywhere to get opinions and reviews on all the different sites that are available.  More important than anything I wanted it to be free. 

I cannot believe how many different sites there are for video sharing.  I use Picasa Web Albums for my photos and love the simplicity and ease of use.  Really I wanted to find the same thing for my videos.  I looked at Youtube of course, but the video quality is just awful and quality is one thing that is extremely important to me.  I then looked into Google Video, but just didn't care for the layout and fell of the site. 

After looking at all the other "smaller" video hosting sites I settled on 2 that really peaked my interest Revver and Vimeo.  Both sites offered a very simple, easy to use design that I was looking for.  I uploaded some videos to each service to test the quality and really they came out about the same.  Revver is more for people who want to make money, I read somewhere that if your videos are creating enough traffic they may be deleted.  Right then and there I knew that Revver wasn't the site for me.

Vimeo is just awesome I can't believe how simple it is to use, upload video and view the videos.  The site has that very elegant Web 2.0 appearance with big easy to read wording and a very clean layout.  I am excited about getting the chance to upload some more videos to the site.  The only negative is that they have a 250MB upload limit per week, but really I don't ever see myself uploading that much video in one week.  Vimeo has all the typical things like tags, comments, and rss feeds.  There a few things that really make me like the service for sharing items with friends.  The can view the video in full screen mode which is awesome, but the quality will be diminished depending on the size of your screen.  They can also download the original video that I upload to the site, meaning if I upload a video in quicktime format then that is what format they will get. (this is awesome at least in my opinion!!) I love that they don't have a watermark on the video either, and they provide the code to embed the video into any other site or blog.  And the video that is embedded is huge compared to other sites that I have used.

There are also privacy setting for each video that you upload which is nice, but personally I don't see myself using it much.  Something else that is really cool is that I have been able to add an application to my facebook account that updates with my latest videos on my profile.  One thing that is missing or I just can't figure out yet is the ability to import my video as a vidcast to itunes.  I do this with all my videos on our family site which is very nice for those friends and family that want to subscribe to our videos in itunes and have them download to their computer automatically.  I figure if there was some way to get the feed for the original video files then it would be possible, maybe it will happen eventually.  That is the one and only thing that is preventing me to quit uploading to our website and just use Vimeo. 

I use to host some of my non-family videos on imeem, but I wanted to find a site that only did video.  I know I have found the perfect one for me.  I would highly recommend anyone out there that wants to have video sharing site that is easy to upload to and easy for friends and family to view the videos definitely check out Vimeo.
Check out my Vimeo page Here.

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