Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Future Motorcycle

As some of you know I recently took a motorcycle safety foundations course in order to get the endorsement added on my driver's license. Within the past year my wife has welcomed the idea of me riding a motorcycle which I have wanted to do for sometime now. Her only stipulation was that it had to be something other than a crotch rocket.

1. She wants to be able to ride and obviously passengers on crotch rockets don't have that comfortable a seat.
2. She feels like they are more for single guys hence more solo riding.

Whether you agree with her reasoning that doesn't matter all that I care is that she is fine with me getting a motorcycle when we can afford it. I am really excited about the chance to get a motorcycle one day. I recently got to do quite a bit of riding down in MS with my dad and brother, it was a lot of fun. It gave me a chance to get to go out and ride in the real world rather than the controlled conditions of the safety course. I must say that it was a blast. There is just something about getting to ride in the open air, I guess some would call it a sense of freedom. I fell in love with it the very first time I got a chance to ride my dad's bike around the neighborhood.

Needless to say I am very excited about getting my first motorcycle, although it may be sometime around next summer. As anyone who wants something new, I have done tons of research to find the bike that I would want and have settled on a Star (Yamaha) Stratoliner.

The reason have love this particular bike is because of it's style, engine size (1800cc), and it's features. It comes with a detachable windshield, detachable side bags and detachable sissy bar, all with quick release clips. I like having that option of taking off the windshield for cruising around town, plus it looks awesome. I am very excited about this motorcycle and hope to have one by next summer.