Thursday, August 30, 2007

iFuntastic Wow!

Last night I saw that iFuntastic v. 3 was released and in this version it finally supports macs with the Power PC chip. (some of us haven't been fortunate enough to upgrade to intel just yet.) Although I had already added the installer app via terminal I thought it was worth it for me to get a chance to check out the iFuntastic application as I had heard and read that it was a pretty cool app to use to customize your iPhone.

I was able to make the background whatever image I wanted. I could obviously and most important make my own ringtones. (Although I am seeing rumors that Apple is going to announce custom ringtones on Sept. 5th.) Honestly this is the only thing that I have really missed about my sony ericsson w600i was the ability to add my own ringtones. I like the fact the the app lets me move the iphone icons around in any order that I want and remove one that I don't even want on there. I am very impressed with the entire package and has been awesome to be able to customize my iphone the way I want it.

Now if Apple does announce ringtone support here shortly it will be awesome, but I am also ready for them to announce a SDK for native apps on the iPhone. Although there are some good web apps out there personally I like having the apps run natively on the phone and not via a web interface as I am sure everyone else would agree. After seeing all that iFuntastic can do and other "hacks", Apple has to realize that they really can't hold out much longer on opening the thing up to 3rd Party developers. I really wish that this would happen soon because the reality is that while these "hacks" work they may not be quite as stable as something that Apple would release. (At least I hope.)