Monday, October 1, 2007

Added Search Box

Just wanted to put up a quick post to let everyone know that I have added a search box powered by google as you can see on the right. I was looking around the other day for a way to integrate a search into my blogger blog and came across something called blogger draft. It seems to be a way for bloggers to test out new features that will soon be added to blogger. Anyways it is built into the layout portion of the blogger dashboard and is a module or widget that you just add to the page. I think it is awesome, I love the way that it displays your search directly in the page without taking you to another page. Very, very slick! I can't describe it well enough, but just type in a search about a post that I have made such as xbox 360. It will bring up all the post that I talked about the 360 right in the center of my main blog page. Just check it out very impressive.