Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Exercise Routine

As I mentioned in a previous post I was going to start exercising to better my health. While jogging and walking are great and all, I want to really optimize my getting into better shape. I think that adding a workout and eating healther are the 2 keys to help speed up the process and really find that healthier lifestyle.

We have a bench, dumbbells and bar bells down stairs, but I have done all those before and I tend to get a little bored with the exercises. After seeing the movie 300 I had a seen their workout routine on youtube. I decided to look further into it and see if it wasn't something that I could implement into my own workout. One thing I liked about what the 300 trainer said was that he changed their exercises one day to the next because the body tends to get use to the one way of doing things and you can hit a plateau not to mention in my case the boredom.

Clicking through all the 300 workout related videos I came across a very appealing video that this trainer had put together of himself. He made a deal saying that he was going to get a six pack in 16 weeks. He had the before and after shots along with video of his routine that he went through and also had a web address to visit to "find out more". First off I know he was a trainer before, but from the before photo to the after photo there was a "huge" difference. Do I believe I can get that same six pack after 16 weeks by following his eating and exercise routine? Probably not, but I do know that it will get me in better shape and help me get leaner which is what I am after.

Honestly I was very skeptical about going to his website, because there is always money involved and some gimmick. I decided to check it out anyways. (mensworkoutguide.com) I read through the site and he said that he was setting this up and you could join to get the workouts that he used, but again stated that there was no catch. I went ahead and joined to check it out. So far I see no gimmicks, no spam, but just a lot of good information to help people get in better shape. The only thing he wants is for us to invite our friends. Obviously there are ads on the pages, but what site doesn't have ads now a days. I got to the routine page and didn't find the 16 week program that I saw on youtube, looked further into it and it is at a different site, but maintained by the same guy. I guess after looking into it further you should start on the 16 week program to get the six pack and then go to the 12 week program to get that Brad Pitt Fight Club body. (iwantsixpackabs.com)

This has got to be the best workout/ exercise website that I have come across in a long time. He provides videos of him demonstrating all the workouts with explanations of them all, how many to do and how often a week. He does it 3X a week MWF kind of thing with Cardio on the off days. I just love how I can see how to do the exercise along with an explanation. He does everything in SuperSets which is faster working out, but extremely tiring, not much rest, helps build that endurance. One thing that really drew me to trying it out was that every week it a different workout, not the same old routine week in and week out. He also uses a 300 style approach to working out, doesn't use a whole lot of weights which cuts down on cost big time. He uses resistance bands, exercise ball and pull up bar mostly. Meaning you don't have to pay for that expensive gym membership can do them all at home.

There is also a very active user group at Google groups. I have been very impressed reading through the material today and am excited to start this routine and see what happens. I already did day 1 of week one and am blown away at how hard it was. I couldn't complete the last Superset, because I was absolutely dead and couldn't hold myself up. (Shows how out of shape I am!) I know I am going to be extremely sore tomorrow. I am going to take photos on a weekly basis to track the change in my body and I have also set up a spreadsheet to track my body size changes. As humiliating as it may be I am going to post the photos on the blog to show the changes. (plus not that many people read it anyways, right) I will post them once I get them taken today. It will also be a way to hold myself accountable, which I definitely need.

Here is the first video that I saw that got me interested, if you get bored with exercise and want to see the before and after they are at the end at about the 2:20 mark. I only hope I can do that whole routine by week 7, OUCH!