Friday, October 19, 2007

Straighten That Ollie

I have been extremely frustrated the past few days because I could actually ollie (not very high), but my board would always turn to the right causing me to land crooked which wouldn't be good for obvious reasons. Me being the technical person that I am I broke down everything that my body is doing and do a lot of research to figure out what is wrong, did just that. I discovered that the placement of my feet were off by just millimeters. I needed to use the balls of my feet to go straight up and down which in turn keeps the board in a straight line allowing me to land them much cleaner.

This is a huge relief for me cause now I can start focusing on getting more height along with ollieing at different speeds. I am even more excited about progressing even more. Hope to take some video soon.


i had exactly the same problem as you my ollies would tweek to the right hand side when i tried to ollie down a five set my board simply went horizontal and i slammed like a tone of bricks face planting off the floor left me pretty bust up but i got skating again after a couple of days tried to fix my Ollie's and nothing was working until i was having a game of skate with my mate and he did an ollie nosegrab i tried it and landed it and this straitened up my Ollie's because it stopped my shoulders from moving that was my problem in the first place , just letting you no thats another way to stop tweaking your Ollie's reach for the nose but dont touch it if you dont want to nose grab simply extend your arm and they should straighten instantly, but one good thing did come of my tweaked olies i managed to 180 a set :) by accident but it still counts