Monday, October 8, 2007

Week 1 Workout Progress

I was doing great last week till we went to Wichita on Thursday, both eating and exercise. Fortunately I kept up with the exercises and completed Week 1 exercises, but missed one day of aerobic exercise. (Which doesn't make me happy.) Where I completely failed was eating, I at nothing but a whole lot of junk this weekend, a whole lot of pizza and some fried Chinese, along with an a couple of cookies. Needless to say this past weekend can't happen often because it is only going to work against me in the long run.

I can only hope for a better week this week as I start Week 2 exercises today.

While I don't expect changes from week to week I am still going to post my stats and photos:

Week 1:
Body Fat %= 24
BMI= 26
Weight (lbs.)= 208
Waist (in.)= 39.5
Chest (in.)= 42
Bicep (in.)= 13.5
Forearm (in.)= 11.5