Monday, October 15, 2007

Week 2 Progress

This last week was pretty hard, but I didn't mind doing any of the exercises. They were tough that is for sure. I get to the last superset and am dying, to the point of feeling faint, but it does go away after a minute or two. The hardest part for me by far is the pull ups, At this point I can only do about 3 without assistance. I do feel like I am getting stronger, because the pushups aren't as hard as they were the 1st week, so I do feel progress there. On interval days when I go for a jog/run I can see a lot of progress in terms of stamina. I can just about jog/run 1.6 miles, when I first started I was dead at a mile and that was just with a steady jog. Where as now I actually jog for 4 minutes, then run, for a minute then back to a jog for 2 minutes, then run for 1 etc... It really feels good to be working out and I can feel myself getting into better shape. It is only after week 2 and I feel a lot better than 2 weeks ago.

Looking forward to starting Week 3 today.

Unfortunately I lost my tape measure so I had to use a string and measure the string, this actually may be more accurate, but it could have thrown off some measurements from before, not sure.

Week 2:
Body Fat %= 26
Bicep (in.)= 13.75
Forearm (in.)= 12
Waist (in.)= 40.5
Chest (in.)= 43.75
Weight (lbs.)= 204.5
BMI= 25.6

From Workout Progress

From Workout Progress

From Workout Progress