Monday, October 29, 2007

Week 4 Progress

Well I am starting week 5 this week and I am at the point of struggling. It isn't easy that is for sure. Last week was the first week of the circuit training. I do a total of 8 different exercises for 45 seconds straight with a 15 second break in between. I do that for 3 rounds. It is extremely hard and I have found myself getting to the point of wanting to puke and feeling very dizzy. It does go away after about 5 minutes, but it does make the workout extremely difficult to get through.

Last week wasn't the greatest week for my workout either I missed a day of working out and a day of aerobic exercise. Otherwise things went well minus what I mentioned above. I must say that the fact I am blogging about the exercises is really helping me stay motivated. I hope that this week will be a better week for me and I plan on really focusing this week and getting all the exercises done. The only downside this week is going to be Halloween, sometimes it is just to hard resist that wonderful chocolate candy. There were slight changes from last week in my stats so it is awesome to see that.

My Stats:
Body Fat % = 25
Bicep (in.) = 14.25
Forearm (in.) = 12
Waist (in.) = 39.5
Chest (in.) = 44
Weight (lbs.) = 202
BMI = 25.2