Monday, November 5, 2007

Week 5 Progress

I am done with week 5. Although I struggled with one workout day I did manage to get all my exercise done this past week. There are just some days, usually one out of the week that I just don't feel like doing the workout. The workouts are tough, they really wear me out and push me further than I have been pushed before. Again the circuit training that I have been doing really makes me feel a little sick at the end, but goes away after 5 or 10 minutes. And trust me when I say, when I feel like that I think to myself, why am I putting myself through this? I guess the old saying is true "No Pain, No Gain". I do feel like I am getting stronger. Yesterday for instance part of the workout is doing push ups with my feet elevated on an exercise ball. (not very easy to balance, but does workout more than just my arms.) On my 3rd and final circuit I was able to do 35 push ups, the first day of this past week, it would have been impossible for me to hit that many in the 3rd round. It is definitely helping me build up my stamina. I can jog 2 miles pretty easily at this point, without the running intervals. And the most important thing is that overall I just feel really good. One of the bad things that happened this week for me was Halloween, unfortunately I have a love for chocolate and probably ate a little too much and I know I didn't eat as well either.

I hope to change the eating this week to at least eat better. Plus coming up this week we are going out of town on Thursday so it might be a little hard to get all the exercises done, but I hope to figure out a way. I might just have to make use of the gym at the hotel for once.

My Stats:

Body Fat%= 25
Bicep (in.)= 14.25
Forearm (in.)= 12.25
Waist (in.)= 39.5
Chest (in.)= 44.25
Weight (lbs.)= 202.5
BMI= 25.3

From Workout Progress