Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Week 6 Progress

I kind of finished week 6 of the workout last week. As I mentioned in the last post we were going out of town on Thursday and going on vacation unfortunately I did not workout at all while we were gone. I did get 2 of the workouts in last week, but only 1 day of interval training. Since I did poorly last week and didn't eat the greatest while out of town, I have decided to repeat week 6 this week. The good thing is that my weight still dropped a little despite lack of working out. But also there was a drop in my measurement just a little which isn't good. (Maybe it is the difference in the weight.) Either way I am going to redo week 6 so we will have 2 week 6 post, but I plan on counting this coming week as the real week 6 workout. That just means that during the week of Thanksgiving I will be on the week seven workout and I really need to make sure that I do get all the workouts in. We will be in Wichita and I really think I can make myself do them easier there rather than at a hotel.

Week 6 stats:
Body Fat%= 25
Bicep (in.)= 14
Forearm (in.)= 12
Waist (in.)= 39
Chest (in.)= 44
BMI= 25.1

From Workout Progress


Hey Josh

I too have just discovered the mensworkoutguide.com having a look at your progress from week one to week six is outstanding!! The bottom of your lats and love handles i noticed the most. Keep it up!!!