Monday, November 19, 2007

Week 6 Redo Progress

As I mentioned last week I was going to redo week 6 workout since during the actual week we went on vacation and I missed several days worth of exercising along with not eating well. This week went a lot better than last week, I managed to get all my exercising done that I needed. Also along with the exercising I also pushed my self to run 3.2 miles. I actually did the jog/run/sprint rotation for 2 miles and then jogged the last 1.2 miles. It feels really good to have accomplished this in what seems such a short period of time. I know I can look back to a post made about a month and a half ago where I described my experiences just jogging 1 mile. (I felt like I was going to die.) I feel really good about my conditioning and strength. My stamina is a lot higher than it was I and I am loving it. The funny thing is I think I actually am enjoying running, it is fun. If you would have asked me 1 month ago I would have said that there is no way I would ever like running.

There were some changes to my stats this week which is awesome and really helps keep me motivated. (I always love seeing changes.) Also I have compared Week 0 photos to this weeks photos and notice a big improvement. The funny thing is I really notice a huge difference in my back. That must be where most of my fat is coming off first.

Now onto Week 7, this is the week of the Spartan 300 workout. I am looking forward to seeing how well I can to the workout, but am a little nervous. It looks to be really tough. I am suppose to do 10 different exercises 30 reps, with a 15 sec. break between each exercise, each for a total of 300. The main exercise that I am worried about is the pull ups, I really don't think I can do 30, but I will do as many as I can and then finish it out with and alternative pull up exercise. Of course the downside to this week is this wonderful holiday we call Thanksgiving which involves a lot of eating, not to mention going out of town. Since I will be at my in-laws house I hope that I can at least continue the exercises and not eat too much.

My Stats:
Body Fat%= 23
Bicep (in.)= 14.5
Forearm (in.)= 12
Waist (in.)= 38.5
Chest (in.)= 44.5
Weight (lbs.)= 200.5
BMI= 25.1

From Workout Progress


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