Tuesday, December 4, 2007

1st 3 Games

I have had time to play all of the games enough to give my opinion on. I will start with Guitar Hero 3 since it was the first one that I purchased, then Ace Combat, and last Halo 3.

Guitar Hero 3 was a game that I was looking forward to just because I wanted to get some more songs to play. I really do like the tracklist and there are some awesome songs to play. The one song that I was really looking forward to playing was "One" by Metallica. I have had a blast with all the other tracks also. I was also looking forward to playing online. The only problem is that I don't have any friends that have the game too, so I have only played online with strangers and got by butt kicked, not a whole lot of fun. I really would like to play with people I know I just think it would be that much more fun. I really look at this game as a game that I like to just pick up the guitar play a few songs and then move on. I do like the fact that the 360 version has achievements which add some additional challenges to achieve. One thing that I don't like is the fact that they made some songs unlockable only via coop career mode, since I don't have anyone to play career mode with that kind of sucks. I would really like to get Sabatoge by Beastie Boys, but it is only unlocked with coop career play and I don't like doing and cheats. Overall I am happy with the game and have fun playing it every once in a while for a quick video game playing sessions. I would like to get Rock Band, but I really would like to get the drum kit so part of me wants to wait till I could potentially buy the drum kit rather than just buying the game. Guitar Hero 3 is nice to have around till I get a chance to buy Rock Band.

Shortly after buying GH3 I went out and bought Ace Combat 6 with the flight stick. I have gotten to play this game a decent amount, but not as much as I would have liked to. There are just too many games that came out the following week that I have gotten my attention right now. But with the amount I have played I can say that the game is an absolute blast to play. I love having the flight stick, it just adds to the whole gaming experience and makes me feel like I am really flying a fighter jet. It does take a little getting use to, but once you fly around a little it really feels natural. I have played both the story mode and online. I love both for different reasons. The story mode is a lot of fun to play through and you feel like you are a pilot in a war. It really isn't too hard, but can be frustrating if you mess up and have to start the level all over again if you didn't reach a check point. Online is another story it is hard because sometimes when you spawn there is someone right on your tail and you are blown out of the skies. But with all the chaos there is so much going on it makes it that much more fun. Just to think that there are 16 other planes up in the sky all dog fighting is awesome. I really want to play this game more and eventually beat it, but like I said before COD 4, Assassin's Creed, Super Mario Galaxy, and Uncharted have my attention.

Last but not least Halo 3, I must first start off saying that I didn't plan on purchasing this game, but after a few friends were telling me I needed to pick it I decided to go ahead. Honestly had I not purchased this game I really wouldn't be missing much. I will admit that I got to play through the game on in Coop with a friend and my brother, and that was a blast. I have also played through 2 of the missions by myself and had a decent time, but really it wasn't all that fun. I did play a little bit of the online deathmatch and that was ok, but really not that great compared to other games like GOW, Vegas, or COD 4. I know I haven't played either of the other Halo games, and maybe that would make it somewhat better, but I highly doubt it. I will admit that I am not really into the whole Sci-Fi type stuff that this game has. I really like the realistic shooters; Vegas and COD 4. I wish I could say that this game was worth the purchase, but I really can't, how people could say that this is going to get Game of the Year with all of these other awesome games that came out is beyond me. There are just too many other games that blow it out of the water. Personally I don't get the obsession with Halo and I am glad this was the last of the series.

As you can see I liked some of the features in Halo 3, but it was my least favorite purchase of the games I purchased during this time period. But in reality I couldn't even say which one I like the best out of this group because all of the games are just way too different. Each of them have their strengths and reasons to play them, but none of them are as good as the ones that I am currently playing.