Monday, December 3, 2007

Week 8 Progress

Another week has past and I am feeling really good about last week, I can't believe that I am half way there. I managed to do all the exercises along with all of the interval training. I feel like I ate pretty well and all the workouts went well and kicked my butt. I also accomplished something this past week I didn't think I could do that quickly. I ran/jogged for 4 miles and I felt like I could have easily gone another mile. It amazes me to think that I could barely make it a mile just 8 weeks ago. I love the fact that my endurance is going through the roof and I feel like I am getting a log stronger. The only thing that I really struggle with in the exercises are the pull ups, I just can't do that many at all and then either have to resort to assisted pull ups or an alternative pull up exercise. I really wish that I could manage to do a lot more pull ups maybe someday.

My stats are looking really good along with my photos. Since I am half way through the 16 week program I decided that this week I would put up comparison stats and photos just to see what everything looks like at the midway point. As you can see I have lost 3% body fat, gained 1.25 inches in my biceps, .5 inches in my forearms, lost 2 inches in my waist, gained 1.5 inches in my chest, lost 9.5 lbs, and my BMI has dropped 1.2 meaning I have gone from moderate health risk to low.

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I have to say that is impressive. I haven't looked at any of the ones since week 2. Nice going. Big difference.