Monday, December 10, 2007

Week 9 Progress

Another week has come and gone. This past weeks workout was pretty tough for me, especially since it included pull-ups I still need to assist myself in order to complete more than a few pull-ups. Other than that the rest of the exercises went well and really wore me out. Unfortunately I can't say the same for my interval training this week. As I have mentioned I have actually started in enjoying jogging/running, but this week it has snowed and been in the 20's all week long. I only managed to get 1 session in rather than 3. I wish it would warm up a little and the snow would melt so I could get back out there. I could have done some interval training on the Nordic track, but I hate that thing. Plus our basement (where it is located) is full of stuff getting ready for the move.

It is hard to believe that I am already past the half way point and I am really excited about my results. Although I don't look as good as Arnel did at the half way point, I am seeing huge improvements in my fat loss and muscle gain. I am slowly seeing fat come off my body from all over the place. I can tell that I still have a layer of fat all over my upper body, but it is slowly going away which gets me excited. I now weigh less than I have in at least 7 or 8 years maybe even more. I have officially lost 11 lbs. as of right now since started the iwantsixpackabs program, but at one time in recent years I was as high as 230 lbs..

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