Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another 1 Bites the Dust!

Well it finally happened to my xbox 360. I got the 3 flashing lights on the ROL. I was watching a show on my 360 just the other day and it froze. I shut it off then turned it back on and the 3 red lights came on. I unplugged the usb Rock Band hub and turned it on and it worked I was able to watch the rest of the show.

Last night we were gearing up for a little Rock Band get together and got to play a small part of 1 song and then it happened. It froze and the beautiful red lights appeared when we rebooted. Man was I unhappy because I know this means that I am going to be without my 360 for over a month. I have tried everything, but every time I boot it up the 3 red flashing lights appear. Now I fear that I am going to get a another console that is going to do the same thing. I guess we will have to wait and see.