Wednesday, January 23, 2008

College Mistakes

As some of you know I am in the process of looking for a job. I also want to find a job that requires my Bachelors degree, that I haven't really gotten a whole lot of use out of. Looking back I can say that for me I think I went into college a little too early. I feel like I am one of those guys that should have taken a year off and really tried to figure out what I wanted to do for a living.

I have my degree in Finance, which honestly doesn't interest me in the least. (At least from all the finance job descriptions that I read.) I think I was what I would call "educationally immature" when I was in school. While I was attending school I was one of those students that just went through the paces of school to get out. I switched majors at least 5 times, talking about being confused. I decided to get the degree in Finance because I knew I could use it in anything from personal to business life, but I had zero desire to seek out a position to use my finance degree.

Even though I did try to seek out directional advice my freshman year, I didn't put much effort in seeking out advice the rest of my college life. Which therefore lead to not getting very involved in the school or classes I took. I was basically looking to graduate and that was all the mattered.

Although I know it isn't for everyone, but there are certain types of people that should take a year of so off and really try to seek out the careers they would like and then go to college and figure out what it takes to get there. But I think one would need to use that year wisely and do an internship within a career field they are interested in. And not limit themselves to where they live either because there are so many different careers out there that may not be available in certain cities. Then one could walk into college with a definite goal in mind rather than wondering through college without a clue and graduating without a clue.

Currently I am looking at a Computer Lab Teacher position in an elementary school. Which really interest me at this point in my life due to my love of kids and computers. When I was in college I would have without a doubt enjoyed the kid aspect of teaching elementary school, but computers, no way. I hated computers when I started college, it was only towards the end of my college life that I even started messing with computers. Another strong desire that I have is to become a pilot, which I hope to do some day, but would only enjoy flying privately rather than commercially. (Right now it isn't feasible due to the fact that I would have to go to school obviously and we need to make money now.) The funny thing is I can view myself in more of those camp counselor type jobs, doing more outdoors recreation type jobs. I really am not a behind the desk type of person who wears a suit or dress pants, shirt and tie type.

As for what the future holds I honestly don't know. Right now I have high hopes for the computer teacher position. I really hope things work out there and I think it is a position that I would enjoy. Beyond that I don't know yet, but I guess we will just have to wait and see what God has in store for me.