Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Professor Layton and The Curious Village

I haven't played my ds in recent months and was to the point that I was really wondering if it was worth keeping. The PSP has really caught my eye and has more of the types of games that I love to play. I decided to look to see what games were out for the ds and came across Professor Layton and The Curious Village. I hadn't heard much about the game and decided to read about it and it seemed like a game that I would thoroughly enjoy.

I went on Sunday to go pick up a copy and started playing it and I am know loving my ds again. This game is so much fun to play, it has mystery as a part of the story, and puzzles/ brainteasers that you do throughout the game while trying to solve a murder case. There are twists that occur during the story that really keep me interested in the story along with the puzzles.

There are over 100 puzzles to solve and they release weekly downloadable puzzles. Some of them are very easy and some are quite challenging requiring a lot of thought. You are awarded picarats for solving the puzzle, more for the harder ones, but I have yet to figure out what I will get if I get enough of them. It just says something special will happen.

The game is an absolute blast to play and has really renewed my love for the ds although I do plan on buying a PSP, I just won't be selling my ds. I also plan on picking up Call of Duty 4, I have read that it is a pretty good game on the ds, I guess we will see. God of War is coming out next month and I am excited about it.