Monday, February 25, 2008

Working Out

I know I need to get back on the workout routine. I feel so much better when I am doing it and plus I eat a lot better. During this time when I have taken "time off" it hasn't been the best. I was planning on starting up again today, but on Saturday I woke up with a very stiff neck, I have never felt anything like it in my life. I think I have been sleeping wrong and then as I was getting dressed my neck had this shooting pain no matter what I did. Kristee has been helping me get it to feeling better, but it is still sore and I can't fully look over my shoulder yet. It is feeling a lot better, but I would rather wait to start the workout routine once it is fully healed, don't want to injure it more.

I doubt this would have happened to my neck had I been working out, but it did make me realize that I need to get back on the horse. Plus I have a few people that had been keeping up with my progress and wondered where I had gone. It is another reason why I liked posting about the progress, I really like it when people hold me accountable. I wanted to start on a Monday, but at this point I am going to try to start as soon as I can. I really look forward to starting the whole 16 week + process again. I am still holding my weight in the 193-195 range so I will be excited to see what I can burn off, I know that I have lost a lot of the muscle and that is the reason for keeping my weight down.

Once I start back I hope that I can stay sick free, and injury free.