Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ollieing Curb

Since the weather has been getting nicer around here I have been doing a little more skateboarding. I have been learning a few extra tricks beyond the ollie. I have learned to shove it while stationary. Pop shove it on carpet. I have been working on the kick flip also on the carpet and grass. (Although I have yet come close to landing one.)

Yesterday Andrew and I went out to find a nice flat area to skate with curbs and ledges. At first we were just skating the parking lot with Andrew doing some more technical tricks off the ledges. I then decided to try to ollie up the curb, I have had a big issue with the timing of ollieing over objects. I tend to lean back rather than jump my body forward over the board. I knew that ollieing up a curb would force myself to actually do it.

At first I was getting the board up the curb, but I just couldn't commit to landing both feet on the board. I would land with my front foot and back foot off. I would say I was being a bit of a chicken. After many, many failed attempts I finally landed one and rolled away. I was in shock I honestly had to look down and double check my back foot to make sure it was on the board. It was such I good feeling, I really felt like I accomplished something. (Although not big compared to what others do, but definitely progress for someone who just started really skating at the end of last summer.) I wanted to leave at that point you know end on a high note. I decided that I needed to try again and sure enough landed it again. I landed it at least 7 more times, I didn't land 7 straight, but 7 more times out of about 15 attempts. It really felt good knowing I learned how to ollie a curb. Next I need to learning to ollie off the curb rather than just ride off.

Skateboarding is just so much fun, it is scary to try new things cause the concrete doesn't feel good when you hit it, but the rewards of landing tricks overrides the pain of the concrete. I love that I skateboarding is relatively cheap to do. Once you buy the board it is pretty much free to do any where. I am so glad I made the decision to get into skateboarding.