Thursday, August 17, 2006


I decided the other day to do something a little on the geeky side. I have a windows xp media center that in desperate need of being reinstalled, but I am too lazy to do it and have had thoughts of switching to Ubuntu linux. Without taking the full plunge I decided to partition the drive and have a dual boot system with xp and ubuntu.

I must say that is was a pretty fun thing to do and included a little be of learning curve for me. I am without a doubt a Mac user, but have only tapped into command line a little. I have learned that linux makes full use of terminal and it hasn't been bad to learn a few of the basic commands. I am very impressed a just how powerful command line is and all that it is capable of doing.

Onto the dual boot, I haven't even booted into xp, but just to test and make sure that it still is working. It was pretty easy with all of the instructions online. I am very impressed with ubuntu as an operating system and have really enjoyed messing around with it and customizing it. It is a lot faster than xp was running (xp could have been fixed with a fresh install and probably run like new again), but I actually enjoy using ubuntu on that computer. I will say that I have spent hours learning how to install applications on it, since it isn't as easy as a drag n drop system that apple is known for. I think I am getting the hang of it. I really have had fun playing around with it and using it as an operating system on that computer. I am not 100% ready to ditch xp on that computer, but like having the dual boot system and predominately using ubuntu. I will say that I can guarantee that it will never replace OS X as my favorite os.