Thursday, October 11, 2007

Look Forward to Skateboarding

Last night at about midnight I place my order for a new skateboard. As some know I am addicted to board sports and enjoy any sport that uses a board. I have a waveboard which is an absolute blast to carve on it gives me that feeling of being on a snowboard only on concrete. (The only disappointment is the speed at which I go through wheels, and I have used some of the hardest wheels available.) What is lacking on the waveboard is the ability to do tricks. I know that their are plenty of people out there that can do tricks on a waveboard, but it just isn't the same.

I use to skate when I in the 5th and 6th grade loved doing it, but never had a very good board. This was back before they had to lips on them. I had a trashed Santa Cruz board that I found in a parking lot and trust me there was a reason it was left there, but as a 5th grader it didn't matter much to me. My brother and I built some of the sketchiest ramps you would ever see and loved jumping off of them with our skateboards and bikes. I really loved skateboarding back then and look forward to skating again with the "new" stuff.

I decided to give skateboarding another whirl for 2 reasons, 1 I love board sports, 2 I bought the game skate. I love and have played tons of Tony Hawk games, but not a single one of his games ever made me want to get out and skate. The game skate has done that for me, I guess the realism of the game really inspires me and makes me want to learn to skate. I guarantee I am not the only one who bought the game who has had this same thought go thought their head, "I would like to do that." I have decided to act on those feelings and thoughts. What really attracts me to it is the fact that I can skate year round (minus a few extremely cold days), I don't need to go to the mountain, the lake, ocean or have a boat. Will skateboarding beat out my love for snowboarding, I highly doubt it only time will tell. Snowboarding is the best by far, without a doubt, but I have room to include skateboarding.

I did tons of research about different equipment and different parts to find out what the best stuff was. I did pick what I thought was going to be the best equipment for me without breaking the bank. There were some bearings that were $120, blew my mind. (I didn't get those, lol) I did however get a very nice setup in my opinion for $160.

What I got:

  • Deck: Zero Thomas Life & Death Deck (I like the graphic and zero brand.)
  • Trucks: Tensor Response 5.0 (read really good things about tensor trucks.)
  • Wheels: Spitfire Black BigHead Black 52mm (read good things about spitfire and love the logo.)
  • Bearings: Bones Swiss 608 6 ball bearings (read Bones are the best and thought the 6 balls was cool compared to the typical 7)
  • Grip: Jessup Griptape (read that this and Black Magic were the best, but saw more favoring of Jessup.)
  • Hardware: Zero hardware (went with it because of board.)
  • Risers: Zero 1/8 inch riser (just in case I decide to put them on.)

I purchased the whole setup using the board builder on
I have recieved an email saying it shipped today, which is incredibly impressive I guess we will see how long it takes to get here. It was an easy and fun shopping experience.

Oh and I bought Fallen skate shoes which I already got last week. They are awesome and really comfortable and I can't wait to skate with them.